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Lesson Plan

Written by Ken Lockette
November 27, 2017

  • Museum Visit(s): Students will visit their partnering museum and tour the museum/specific exhibit and collect data on their visit (See “Exploratory Visit”).
  • Design/Team Building: Using human-centered design strategies (affinity clustering, fly on the wall, etc.), students will begin to develop ideas into an initial plan for an exhibit with their partnering museum.
  • Mentoring/Iteration: Working with a mentor from their partnering museum and a school sponsor, students will develop a multimedia presentation to pitch their plan.  The plan must include their vision and inspiration, a design/layout, a budget (set by school district), and a timeline for implementation. Students will go through several drafts before completing their final pitch.
  • Presentation to Authentic Audience: Student teams will present their designs and implementation plans to all the museum mentors, the Avonworth central administration team, and the head of buildings and grounds, among others.  There is a written feedback form and an oral Q & A.  The teams then regroup with their mentors to discuss feedback and to begin next steps.
  • Installation/Art Show Opening: All exhibits are shared at the district-wide art show.

Open Avonworth Galleries Project Proposal Feedback Form.pdf Open Avonworth Pittsburgh Galleries Project Application.pdf Open Exploratory Visit (diagnostic).pdf Open Galleries Project Final Rubric.pdf Open NTN Collaboration Rubric.pdf