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Lesson Plan 5: Installation Design

Written by Mariruth Leftwich
November 09, 2017

Activity 5: Installation Design

Materials and Resources Required:

  • Copies of all primary sources used in both Activity 1 and 3
  • Social Change Timeline from Activity 1
  • Art Supplies and Prototype Supplies that have been available throughout the project
  • Participant Issue Interest Word Cloud from Activity 1
  • Resource Appendix: Installation Design Plan (edit to meet the needs of your specific site)


  • Share an art installation that features historic maps as way to “question our ideas of progress, the future, and nostalgia for the past.”
  • Examine the artist’s statement on the web page that features the project and ask participants how they see these artistic goals represented in the art installation.


  • At this point in the project, participants should be broken into working groups for the installation. These groups can be formed in a range of ways: similar interests for the contemporary issue featured, a common interest in the medium/format being used, ensuring a range of participant skills are grouped (writing, design, installation, etc.).
  • Walk groups through the installation proposal process with an initial focus on the thesis statement and key idea. Each section of the proposal can be treated as its own session depending on the amount of time you have for the project.
  • The design and installation process will be iterative and will require several sessions to refine the ideas and move the ideas into production.  Below is an example of an installation sketch that accompanied a design proposal for the Green City Remix project.