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Lesson 4

Written by Venneasha Davis
November 09, 2017

Objective: Students will be able to identify one major theme in their life; and vocalize their feelings in an original spoken word poem

Time: 90 min


  • Students Journals
  • Computers for Adobe Spark (Adobe Spark only works with Apple products.  Students need a quiet place to record their poem)


  1. Now is the time for students to tell their story. Remind students that their is much more behind a picture.  Brainstorm themes that students believe apply to their lives. (Peace, Love, Wisdom, Justice, Freedom, Renewal, Evolving, Unity, Potential, Truth, Perspective, life & Death) Students can also add to this list.
  2. Create a “Theme Web.” Write down key events that have happened in your life that bring you to write using this theme in mind.
  3. Pick an issue, or life changing event that has somehow impacted your your life in way that your story might encourage the next person to tell their story.
  4. Conduct a writing workshop in class where students will begin writing their poems.  Students must have a title, use repetition, 4 examples of figurative language, and must have a minimum of 20 lines. Students poem can be from the perspective of a person or an objective that is tangible or intangible.
  5. Students must also show a change in tone utilizing how they seen themselves at the beginning of this unit when they created their collage.
  6. Organize a Poetry Slam for students who want to share their poems in class
  7. Students will then use Adobe Spark to record their Spoken Word Poems
  8. Students will use their creativity to imbed their 5 pictures within their Adobe Spark piece and include 3 other pictures for a total of 8 pictures from their phone or from the internet to help visually tell their stories.