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Layer Two: Fear of the Technology

Written by Cindy Urbanski
November 08, 2011

We had two days of intense conversation around our readings and what we were trying to do, and then a full week with this conversation fresh in our heads and our community always accessible on Skype, to craft and compose our own narratives.   I found myself paralyzed by the technology.  I was surprised by this because I’ve used Movie Maker and I-movie many times for various projects, but something about this piece, this digital learning narrative, seemed much more public than anything I’d done before.  If I’m honest, I was also totally intimidated because it was about me.   Everything I’d composed before had been about someone, or something else.   I started to worry that my group would think my tech skills were deficient and that my finished product wouldn’t be up to par, and that I was deficient for being interested in this topic.  Of course, there was no “par” my people reminded me.   We were all trying this for the first time, and this was about the experiment of attempting to compose in this way. They reminded me that all I was bringing was a draft. On top of that, this was a safe, non-judgemental space.  If yoga was important to me, then it was a great topic.  And so, with their voices cheering me on constantly in our Skype group, I was able to “play” with the technology in the same way that I hoped my students would.  Still I worried.  Now layer one was mashing all up in layer two.