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Layer One: I Don’t Know Anything that Would be Appropriate for this Setting

Written by Cindy Urbanski
November 08, 2011

On the surface, an assignment that asks students to create digital learning narratives in which they explore something, anything that they know about and are learning about outside of school, feels quite inclusive and welcoming. Even more so if the classroom space offers the children all of the materials they might need in order to compose the piece.  However, in doing my own, even in this close knit group of people whom I’ve been thinking and writing with for over a decade, simply coming up with a topic was paralyzing.  I immediately felt that even though I was halfway through a doctoral program, I’d never learned anything that would work for this “assignment.” 

I finally settled on learning yoga. I was feeling a bit silly about it, but my group reminded me that this “silly” feeling was exactly why I should choose this topic. Wasn’t this what we were working towards?  Weren’t we looking to find ways to bring the things that our students had learned outside of school into the classroom and value them in ways that could enable students to see themselves as learners?