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Knotting Up Group Convos

Written by UNC Charlotte Writing Project
November 08, 2011

“So tell me about your writing.”

We gather at Jackson’s Java, Amelies, in Fretwell Building on campus, or in the mountains of North Carolina.  We come together as the UNC Charlotte Writing Project to talk about our teaching and our work with our colleagues in professional development.  We gather to think deeply about our work.

“How does your writing fit with, call into question, problematize the stuff we have been reading?”

This is the way we have narrated our larger conversations, conversations among 10, 15, 25 of us when we gather to think about our site’s work.  Sharing the professional writing of scholars in the field helps us to see our teaching and our thinking as part of a larger community, a network of writing teachers who are committed to teaching and learning.  

“Okay, let me try out this idea with all of y’all.”

In these knots of relationships we find supportive colleagues who love teaching as much as we do and who will challenge us to go deeper into our work, make us wobble as we gain energy and confidence to do our work.

“I’m wondering about this Fraiberg piece.  It didn’t seem to imagine me as its reader, but I can see the importance of this idea of knot connecting as a powerful concept for teachers.”

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