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Inviting In: Building Community for Social Change

Written by Christopher Rogers
August 02, 2017

How can schools take on multi-generational, multi-cultural, even multi-lingual opportunities where a wide array of parents can take part in making the learning rooted, relevant, and supportive of networked learning? In this project from Andover-Bread Loaf, we meet a school community and teacher who found that opportunity when parents came to the Saturday workshop. 

ABL, therefore, is an intentional community formed in the context of place-based social action strategies. Participants, often multi-generational and cross-sectoral (students, parents, teachers), attend workshops and other in- and out-of- school events and programs, where they are encouraged to draw on their own experiences and heritage as they write in response to a “prompt.” They share their writing orally in public, yet supportive, settings. The wide array of settings—including coffee houses, art centers, community organizations, and schools—makes literacy learning into a community-wide initiative. The network formed by these varied settings keeps teachers, community educators, parents, and others working in collaboration across their institutional boundaries.

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