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In Conclusion

Written by Beth Sandahl
September 11, 2010

Image originally uploaded on 2010-09-11 13:36

I talked to Alan, the illustrator of this picture, when he was in the fifth grade, and he shared that it was at night because George Washington was sneaky. This confused me, so he elaborated: ”George Washington was sneaky, like when he went across the river (Delaware) on Christmas morning.” He then said, ”George Washington was out front because he always rode in the front with his troops and had all those horses shot out from under him.“

George Washington didn’t go across the Delaware during the French and Indian War, but I am still amazed at Alan’s memory four years later. Primary students usually recollect and can describe orally a lot more information than their writing skills let them express. Utilizing art and oral discussion allows them to really tap into their knowledge and challenge themselves. They discover that learning can be a journey, and that digging deeper into the next level is a lot of fun.

Image originally uploaded on 2010-09-11 13:48

This year I will take this lesson one step further by scanning the pictures and creating a Lulu book for each child to take home at Open House.

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