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Written by Rebecca Itow
September 08, 2011

In one of the original implementations, this module was implemented The Things They Carried and involved microblogging in character through Twitter, writing a Fan Fiction Piece, writing a character analysis essay, and completing a veteran’s history project. While this was effective, it seemed to grow bigger than we would have liked. We are now scaling this back to be more manageable and more effective.

We are now developing ways to use Edmodo and Facebook to conduct the microblogging activity, as these sites allow for easier set up and management. 

Even with the stress of setting up the Twitter accounts, the students were able to dig deep into the characters and begin to empathize with them. This came through in the students’ Fan Fiction pieces, which became extensions of the characters and plot lines. In the future, the goal is to continue to develop the empathy with the character, as well as encourage using more sensory details and descriptive writing techniques to convey a message.