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Horizon Report - 2012 Higher Ed

Written by Erin Wilkey Oh
July 06, 2012

The Horizon Report 2012 Higher Education Edition discusses six emerging trends in three adoption horizons:

One Year or Less 

Mobile Apps
This is the fastest growing dimension in the mobile space right now. Educational institutions are creating apps for educational and research needs across the curriculum.

Tablet Computing
Seen as a great tool for one-to-one computing as well as a budget-friendly replacement for cumbersome and expensive equipment used for fieldwork and other research tasks.

Two to Three Years 

Game-Based Learning
Research continues into all types of games to understand their potential for learning: goal-oriented games, social game environments, non-digital games, games developed expressly for education, and commercial games. More educators now recognize how games can support development of collaboration, problem-solving, communication, and other key skills.  

Learning Analytics
The wealth of data collected from students on a daily basis is a powerful resource for improving learning. The promise of learning analytics is the ability to personalize the learning experience to meet students’ individual needs. 

Four to Five Years 

Gesture-Based Computing
Intuitive, gesture-based user interface design is just beginning to take hold. The new generation is accustomed to tapping, swiping, and other gestures in order to interact with information. 

Internet of Things
Progress continues into the development of smart objects. We will continue to see objects with connectivity features, from lab equipment to refrigerators. 

You can read a summary of the report in the Horizon Report 2012 Preview: Higher Education Edition (PDF)

Open 2012-Horizon-Report-HE_0.pdf Open 2012-Horizon.HE-Preview_0.pdf

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