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Horizon Report - 2011 K-12

Written by Erin Wilkey Oh
July 06, 2012

The NMC Horizon Report 2011 K-12 Edition (browse flipbok version here or download the PDF) discusses these six emerging trends for K-12 education in three adoption horizons:

One Year or Less

Cloud Computing
Large clusters of networked servers are making inexpensive, offsite storage a reality. The ability to have multi-user applications and multi-processor computing is changing how we think about computers, software, and files.    

Internet-capable mobile devices will soon outnumber computers. Already, mobiles are users’ first choice for accessing online content. As access to devices continues to grow, the implications for teaching and learning will be great.  

Two to Three Years

Game-Based Learning
Research continues into all types of games to understand their potential for learning: goal-oriented games, social game environments, non-digital games, games developed expressly for education, and commercial games. More educators now recognize how games can support development of collaboration, problem-solving, communication, and other key skills.  

Open Content
In direct response to the rising cost of education, more schools and organizations are offering free and openly accessible educational content online.  

Four to Five Years

Learning Analytics
The wealth of data collected from students on a daily basis is a powerful resource for improving learning. The promise of learning analytics is the ability to personalize the learning experience to meet students’ individual needs. 

Personal Learning Environments
PLEs refer to student-designed spaces that allow students to have more control over how they learn. Students can choose their own content to match their personal learning style and pace. PLEs are still in the theoretical stage, but are expected to gain more interest and development in coming years. 

Open 2011-Horizon-Report-K12.pdf

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