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Horizon Report - 2010 Higher Ed

Written by Erin Wilkey Oh
July 06, 2012

The NMC Horizon Report 2010 Higher Ed Edition, available as a PDF below, discusses these six emerging trends in three adoption horizons:

One Year or Less

Mobile Computing
The network-capable devices students carry with them offer great potential as collaboration and communication tools for educational settings. Faculty and technology staff are already experimenting with educational uses of mobile devices. 

Open Content
In direct response to the rising cost of education, more schools and organizations are offering free and openly accessible educational content online. 

Two to Three Years

Electronic Books
E-books challenge the very definition of reading with audiovisual, interactive, and social elements which enhance the informational content of books and magazines.

Simple Augmented Reality
The ability to access augmented content is now available to anyone. With laptops and smart phones, users will soon be able to access augmented reality easily. 

Four to Five Years

Gesture-Based Computing
Intuitive, gesture-based user interface design is just beginning to take hold. The new generation is accustomed to tapping, swiping, and other gestures in order to interact with information. 

Visual Data Analysis
A new way of looking at large amounts of data that enables us to access more sophisticated models and visual representations. Currently, visual data analysis is still an emerging field. 

Open 2010-Horizon-Report.pdf

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