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Horizon Report - 2008 Higher Ed

Written by Erin Wilkey Oh
July 06, 2012

The NMC Horizon Report 2008 Higher Ed Edition, available as a PDF below, discusses these six emerging trends in three adoption horizons:

One Year or Less: 

Grassroots Video
Video producation is no longer reserved for highly trained professionals. Videos are ubiquitous and with the accessibility of editing and distribution tools, video is now a leading mode of personal communication.

Collaboration Webs
With social networking tools, web applications, and collaborative workspaces, gathering in the virtual world has become commonplace. Our professional networks and day-to-day interactions now include colleagues from across the globe. 

Two to Three Years:

Mobile Broadband
Mobile devices have become essential tools, bringing the whole of the Internet into the palm of our hand. Mobiles store our digital lives–with calendars, email, video, photos, and more. The prevelance of mobiles and the infrastructure to satisfy it will continue to grow in coming years.

Data Mashups
Web applications that combine data from more than one source are becoming common on the Internet. Geotagging, the practice of adding geographical metadata like latitude and longitude or placenames to images, websites, or other media, is gaining popularity. Other mashups include interactive charts or maps, GPS enabled cameras, and embedded annotations. 

Four to Five Years:

Collective Intelligence
An example of explicit collective intelligence is Wikipedia, where knowledge is gathered and recorded by many people. Implicit collective intelligence are systems that examine patterns to reveal new knowledge–a data mining program like’s “recommended for you” feature is one example. 

Social Operating Systems
The next generation of social netoworking systems are social operating systems. These place people and relationships at the center of the informational network. Early examples include Xobni and OpenSocial

Open 2008 Horizon Report.pdf

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