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Horizon Report - 2006 Higher Ed

Written by Erin Wilkey Oh
July 06, 2012

The NMC Horizon Report 2006 Higher Ed Edition discusses these six emerging trends in three adoption horizons:

One Year or Less

Social Computing
Using computers to facilitate interaction and collaboration is becoming more commonplace, enabling us to work with colleagues from across the world. 

Personal Broadcasting
Emerging out of blogging and websites is the popularity of broadcasting video and audio in the form of podcasts and video blogging. 

Two to Three Years

The Phones in Their Pockets
Just over the horizon, students will have access to educational content via their cell phones, as network speeds increase and phone software advances.

Educational Gaming
While educational gaming is not new, new technologies are creating complex, interactive environments, making immersive educational gaming just over the horizon.  

Four to Five Years

Augmented Reality and Enhanced Visualization
Three-dimensional representations of large data sets will change the way we see the world. Augmented reality adds a layer of information over what we see in the real world, offering additional ways of understanding what we see.

Context-Aware Environments and Devices
On the rise are devices that respond to voice, motion, and other subtle signals. The computing part will fall away as computers become more responsive to human. 

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