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Hero/Villain Museum

Written by Danielle Filipiak
August 16, 2011


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Hero/Villain Exhibit: Student featuring those who feed the hungry as heroes/sheroes.

For this exhibit, my colleagues and I asked students to create 2 multigenre projects:

1. Highlight a villain or hero from Beowulf and visually express, to the reader/viewer, why you define this character as either a hero or villain.

2. Highlight a villain or hero from the Detroit area (real-life person) and  visually express to the reader/viewer why you define this person as either a hero or villain. 

The entire school was invited in to view our museum and ask questions about students’ work. 

Before this exhibit, students:

1) Read Beowulf and discussed “Hero Archetypes”, and focused specifically on Marxist and Feminist readings of the text.

1) Attended a Detroit Historical Museum exhibit entitled “Hero or Villain?”, which highlighted Detroit figures and who were well known for both “heroic” and “villanous” behavior and actions. Students took notes on 3 people and shared out in groups.

3) Wrote a persuasive paper about a chosen figure from the exhibit, highlighting reasons that person was, indeed- either a “hero” or “villain”.