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Going Forward...

Written by Kim Oldenburgh
February 19, 2011

For February, students are writing a weekly entry in their writer’s notebooks about something they learned that week. At the end of the month, they will have four entries to choose from and some may choose to combine some of their entries. I also told them to think about writing in their notebooks whenever they have one of those, “I’m so writing about this on my timeline” moments. It will be interesting to see if anyone chooses to.

In March, I plan to have them write from a picture by choosing from a file of pictures from March activities.

To Do:

  • Student interview: I will be interviewing Franc and Ana about the timeline process and their thoughts.
  • What I have learned: Here I will highlight my learnings from this inquiry and my plans for next year.
  • Updates: I plan to update this source through the end of the year.

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