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Final Product: Extreme Poverty

Written by Chad Harper
April 24, 2013

This is a video that we made with students after taking them through discussions and activities that exposed them to the substance and impact of extreme poverty on global populations. The everyday hero highlighted in this particular case was Joseph Wresinski, a man who educated the world about what extreme poverty was by definition; in fact, he coined the term. We sent his organization, Fourth World ATD (All Together Dignity) a copy of the students’ production, and representatives from the organization fell in the love with the video. They in turn invited our students to perform the song at an annual event they host with the UN that commemorates the National Day of Eradicating Extreme Poverty (October 17th). This will be a phenomenal opportunity for the youth to share their work and to meet people from many different walks of life who are interested in combating poverty.

We talk to students about the ripple effect of random acts of kindness, sharing that sometimes when one spreads good deeds, there are positive consequences that emerge. This is a perfect example of this concept, and it is one that we return to constantly – because we want youth to invest in positive acts that make the world better. We also want them to understand that everyday people can be heroes, and that their voice is important in issues that are happening around them.

Research shows that if people are exposed to extreme acts of virtue on a consistent basis, they become better people. In addition to this, they need opportunities to express their voice and leadership potential. The media making and song composing in our program provide these avenues for them.