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Expository Writing

Written by Jeremy Hyler
July 25, 2011

One of the most rewarding experience my students have in my classroom is the use of Google Docs. Students thrive with the collaboration they can have with me and other students before they submit it to me for evaluation. Students always get a kick out of how more than one person can work together while in different places and they always like how I evaluate their papers right on the document using the standards. Below is a student example of an alternate ending for The Giver by Lois Lowry typed in Google Docs. Google Docs makes it easier to grade papers. As a teacher I don’t have to carry home a significant amount of papers.

Boys in my class became more motivated to write with Google Docs because it was a chance for them to use the computer and as I mentioned before they really like how they could chat with people when doing peer editing with this digital tool.  Students with cell phones (smart phone), expanded their use of google docs and downloaded the app onto their phones and were typing on their phones in class.  To me as a teacher, this was exciting to see them use their cell phone for academic purposes and to see them broaden their use of this digital tool in other places.

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