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Digital Is ... Tinkering

Written by Peggy Marconi
March 11, 2011

If children have interest, education happens (S. Mitra). In his Hole in the Wall Project, Mitra discovered that children left on their own with technology will teach themselves and self-organize into groups that support deep learning. When teachers stand behind, admire, question, encourage, ask to see more and request their students to show them, learning is accelerated. This new role for the teacher requires a cultural shift and a certain openness to experimentation and social exploration that is generally not characteristic of schools or part of teacher training.

” …click and learn from trying and making mistakes.”
With time to tinker, Angie Bunday’s 4th grade students explore, share and learn from each other the technologies they use to show what they know and can do.

” problem with motivation.”
Kyle Chun thinks, When children are free to tinker with the technology, teachers can focus more on the content.

“I am all about finishing…”
Travis Powell is all about students finishing projects and then reflecting on the journey. Tinkering, in his mind, is reflective learning.