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Digital Is ... The Choice

Written by Peggy Marconi
March 11, 2011

It is a question of attitudes, not technology, that drives these teachers. Their classrooms embrace a culture of collegiality where the role of teacher and student are often blurred; where students are often more skilled than the teachers; where teamwork rules. Students are important drivers of learning, and students both produce and evaluate knowledge and curriculum in a context of reciprocity. Real lives have turning points: choice and chance. These teachers share their choices, their attitudes and their journeys.

” …falling in love with different forms of learning”
Travis Powell teaches in an alternative classroom of 25 students, grades 9-12.
He talks about what it means to teach in a “one room” high school.

” …how I approached my fear of technology”
Pam Schmieding dipped her toes into the digital divide and learned lessons from her students that transformed her practice.

The possibilities are limitless”
Jason Erickson thinks, Being tech savvy is a natural part of this digital native and he cannot imagine why educators would not infuse technology in all dimensions of their practice.