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Digital Is ... Pedagogy of Collegiality

Written by Peggy Marconi
March 11, 2011

This collegiality, or culture of reciprocity, is not dependent on technology, but technology is dependent on this collegiality to find its place in the classroom. Teachers in these classrooms are courageous, know their content and what they want their students to know and do at the end of the day. And they are partnering with their students holding on for the ride of their life redefining their practice moment by moment.

” …comfortable enough to be wrong.”
Kyle Chun makes a conscious effort to build a learning culture
that supports the use of technology in his practice.

“If your going to touch it, your going to break it…”
Peggy Carrick will tell you she learned more from her ELL students on infusing technology in their lessons, once she began collaborating with them, than she ever dreamed possible.

” …let go and allow students to take ownership.”
Jeanie May has always cultivated a culture of reciprocity in her classroom, and is realizing what a great platform this culture is for infusing technology into her practice.