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Digital Is ... Emerging Technology

Written by Peggy Marconi
March 11, 2011

Digital is now. These teachers are not preparing students for a digital future, they are preparing their students for now. They do not know what the digital classroom might be like in the future, but they do know that keeping up with technology is like trying to change a tire on a moving vehicle. So they don’t; instead, they focus on important questions and let students explore technology and what it does best: manage information for understanding. An eight-year-old student in India learned how to navigate the internet; he then taught this to his six-year-old sister in less than eight minutes. The computer language was in English and the child had never seen a computer before. This story is repeating itself all over the world.

“Is it worth it?”
Eric Tuck is striving for the paperless classroom. He may not be able to predict what his student’s world will look like in ten years, but he is committed to building a platform that will springboard them forward.

“Have you ever used one (i-touch) before?”
Angie Bunday offers her students the i-touch and then steps back to see what they do with it.

” We are using the i-touch through the document camera…”
In Travis Powell’s class, students are given one period a day to design their own curriculum using apps on the i-touch as a resource. This puts a whole new spin on study hall.