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Digital Is ... Emerging Experts

Written by Peggy Marconi
March 11, 2011

As children explore new technology, experts emerge who are willing and who want to share their new knowledge. If adult intervention is lifted, groups form around an expert. One student on the keyboard, with three other advising, all learn equally because of the advising and talking that takes place. Research suggests there is a photographic recall with sharing that does not occur when a student works in isolation. These groups are recognized by the teacher as hard-working students, that their intelligence matters, that their efforts pay off.

“Technology builds community.”
Students in Sarah’s classroom feel honored as experts and are willing to share their expertise with each other.

“For every problem there is a solution.”
After building the Lego robot in Travis Powell’s classroom, students were not satisfied with its performance. They edited the code to calibrate the movements of the robot for a better performance. This team of students, all advising each other, found the success they were after.

“Students put in the drivers seat to teach…”
Angie Bunday thinks, When you put students in the driver’s seat, experts emerge.