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Design Cycle #1: Individuals and Communities

Written by Nicole Mirra
May 18, 2020

Part 1: Who are we as individuals and how are we connected as a community?

We are all figuring out our identities each day. We are influenced by the contexts in which we live and the people in our lives, but we also make our own choices about what we care about and who we want to be. We are each unique, but we are also connected to each other through communities large and small. Who are you today, and what similarities and differences do we see across our 3D youth community?

Part 2: What possibilities and tensions do I experience in my communities? How are they shaping who I am in the world? 

Step 1: Post your multimodal stories about the Part 1 question on the KQED Learn platform

Step 2: Comment on the posts of students from different schools

Step 3: Post your multimodal stories about the Part 2 question on KQED Learn platform