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DCAWP Renewal

Written by Aisha Tyehimba
July 12, 2012

DC Area Writing Project is based in Washington, DC, an urban metropolitan area.  

Needs Statement:

DC Area Writing Project needs a way to co-construct a vision that values the perspectives, needs, and diversity while providing a unifying purpose that reaches out to the community and inspires excitement, creates opportunities for nurturing leadership, and unifies the old and new membership.

The prototype includes:

  1. Member Buy-in
  2. Rewriting the Vision & Mission statement
  3. Restructuring leadership & the delegation of responsibilities (based on areas of expertise)
  4. Re-establishing a community presence
  5. Community Outreach
  6. Community Engagement

Questions that could emerge:

  • WHO is our membership?
  • What is important in defining our collective vision and mission?
  • Is it possible to look at leadership through a different lense?
  • Who can and should handle our social media presence and in how many forums?
  • Who are our community partners?
  • How do we reach out to them and establish or reestalish relationships?
  • What does community engagement look like?