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Curriculum Ideas for Gaming

Written by Kevin Hodgson
July 22, 2011

This “gaming as learning” concept is new terrain for me, but I filed away many ideas I gathered from gaming workshops and other gaming sites for teachers as well as a mix of my own possibilties around engaging students, and then I began to build a week-long gaming curriculum that moved from traditional gaming towards video gaming.

Here are the basic components of the game camp:

  • Reflecting on what makes a game worth playing and worth re-playing;
  • A brief history of video gaming (pre-Pong through LA Noir);
  • Collaborative No-Tech gaming project (the design process);
  • Scratch as a programming tool;
  • Gamestar Mechanic as a site for play and design;
  • Storyboarding an original game idea;
  • Building out a video game;
  • Publishing a game at Gamestar Mechanic.

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