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Critical Pictures: Page 3, The Students' Comics

Written by Mitch Nobis
April 29, 2013

 A range of students’ comics are linked here, with two also posted below.  Their comics vary widely in artistic quality, but that is fine.  The elements we practiced don’t depend on aesthetics.  The student samples show the range, from stick figures drawn in pencil (fig. 1) to more polished work that uses color (fig. 2), but all of them show students trying out elements of visual design: zooming in to show emphasis or zooming out to give the setting, making some character bigger or smaller to show dominance, using color to draw attention to specific details, and more.  

 Most of the student samples posted I consider to be “good ones.”  Rest assured, as with any assignment, there were some clunkers in the mix too, but even though those students may not have put as much thought into the visual design, they still gained new perspectives by working in an unfamiliar genre, at least. Even if some students didn’t vary the size of the panels in the comic, they still had to think about what to include inside each panel, which is an important rhetorical decision in itself.

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