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Creative Capacity & Collective Ownership: Classroom YPAR in Detroit

Written by Christopher Rogers
August 02, 2017

Community collaboration that emerges out of the classroom begins with the questions that invite it, that make it a necessity. In this project from a DFS collaborator and fellow LRNG supporter Danielle Filipiak, we see the ways in which she co-investigates a learning journey with her students around the real issues of Detroit and how students can work together with community partners to make an intervention.

“I realized that it was not enough for my students to participate in what I deemed as transformative practices on an individual scale or in isolated instances; the institutions that surrounded them needed to be transformed as well, and it was time- as I saw it, for us to develop a sense of collective ownership in creating the changes necessary to turn our city into a place of hope- a community that worked for us. This process took over a year, but it is one that strengthened relationships, grew creative capacity, and helped students to use media in new and powerful ways to speak back to those forces that fettered them to a narrative that painted them as anything but leaders in their dying city.”

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