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Written by Tony Iannone
November 08, 2011

Tony: I’m thinking about using Twitter in my classroom.

Lil (UNC-Charlotte Site Director…and good friend): Say more about that.

Tony: I want to see what happens when Twitter is used…by my students…to enter into a conversation…with others about what they are learning during our Social Studies block of instruction.

Lil: What have you done so far with the kids.

Tony: After we read a lesson in our textbook, I have one student “tweet” out a summary of what was learned through their engagement with the text.

Lil: Who are they “tweeting” to?

Tony: Anyone that is following us…parents, my fellow colleagues at school…we also have another class…from another school that is following our class.

Lil: I’m wondering what would happen if the students directed their thinking towards an audience that is closely related to the text they are reading? For example, authors or educators who contributed to the actual text.

Tony: I didn’t think about it that way Lil…I’ll have to see if I can “find” anyone on Twitter that contributed to the publication of the text…to “follow.”