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Concluding Remarks

Written by Jeremy Hyler
August 17, 2011

Boys attitude towards writing is a hurdle we are going to have to challenge ourselves to overcome.  The video above showcases a humerous dipiction of what we would like boy writers to be like in our classroom and then shows the flip side to it, which is what we sometimes see in our classroom.

The digital tools I have outlined in my resource are just a few of the ones that are available. There are numerous digtial tools out their to play with and adapt to your own classroom.  Please check out In addition, the multi-genre project encompasses multiple genres students can choose from.  For example, a poem, a grocery list, an epitaph, a Eulogy, etc.  As a teacher, I encourage my students to find a way to make something that was once very plain, into something that is fun, creative and stands out from other pieces of traditional work using digital tools we have explored in the classroom.

As a teacher I encourage you to explore the best way to adapt this project into your classroom. Furthermore, read the suggested text I outlined at the beginning and have fun exploring the ways to get your boys engaged in writing!

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