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Comic Writing

Written by Jeremy Hyler
July 25, 2011

One genre example that has been well liked by the boys is comic writing.  I use Toondoo ( in my multi-genre project. Toondoo is a free digital tool where students can create cartoons or comic strips as one other possible genre to use when expressing what they have learned about their topic.  Boys particularly like the creativity involved behind using this resource.  The website only requires an email address, username, and password. Bitstrips ( is another comic strip tool that could be used.  However Bitstrips has some cost behind it.  Below is an example of a comic created using Toondoo.

Toondoo proved to be very motivational for my boy writers.  It allowed them to be creative, they had choices in their design of the comic, and it wasn’t a long tedious piece of writing for them to produce. Furthermore, boys tend to need visuals as well. I have had boys wanting to make more than one comic for their five genres I require and as enthusiastic as I am to see them motivated to write, I challenge them in a different genre because I have them hooked to write.

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