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"Children Writing: Multimodality and Assessment in the Writing Classroom"

Written by Anne Herrington & Charlie Moran
February 28, 2011

Vincent, John. 2006. “Children Writing: Multimodality and Assessment in the Writing Classroom.” Literacy 40(1): 51-57.

In this journal article, John Vincent describes his work with multimodal 
composing in his class of third grade students in Victoria, Australia. As he
 notes, assessment was the difficult piece: there are rubrics for assessing 
computer skills, but “very few schemes to assess quality or content.” He therefore “relied principally on
 qualitative assessments based on Kress and van Leeuwen’s (1996) grammars of 
semiotic modes, and observations of the degree to which students integrated 
modes to present the messages.”

Vincent includes actual student multimodal projects in his article and, through his responses to these projects, makes visible
 the criteria that he is bringing to bear on them—an approach, as he notes, 
derived from his readings in Kress and van Leeuwen.

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