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Brainstorming around meeting our site's needs

Written by Fred Mindlin
January 16, 2013

Our need statement reads: Fred and Bowen need to develop pilot programs to build more support for student centered learning.

The design process for developing pilot programs that we generated through our 3rd Space experiences was a model for the plan we designed. This plan can be used for different types of collaborative community education programs and can serve as a template for our student centered learning projects.

The process begins and ends with data collection, because validation for the project must always reflect its ability to address the needs of the community it is serving. Data collection begins with finding out the needs of the parties involved, and asking them how they can be involved in the project. This inquiry increases the probability that a proposal will be accepted by directly asking people what they want and what they will be willing to do to achieve these objectives.

From this initial interview a plan is designed that incorporates ideas and agendas from the collective people and organizations that are to be included in the project. The plan is presented, and goes into revision to further ensure it will receive support and participation by meeting needs, or if it is satisfactory to the parties involved, training and information materials and meetings are set.

The project is launched and running, with check-in frequently to see if operations are running smoothly. Communication among all parties is crucial at this stage.

A culminating event celebrates the product of the project, whether it be a website, mural, magazine, or festival.

Assessment is the important last step, to survey the parties involved to determine whether the project has fulfilled its purposes and met community needs. This can circle back into the beginning of the entire process.

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