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Big Ideas and Questions

Written by Larissa Pahomov
July 23, 2011

Using Understanding By Design as my planning guide, I developed three essential questions for this unit:

  •  How are love and marriage portrayed in different texts?
  •  How do we win people over? What tactics are effective?
  •  What is the relationship between a text and society?

I also identified a few enduring understandings that related to the questions, but did not answer them:

  •  Literature does not have to be interpreted historically; it takes on different meanings in different eras.
  •  People hide or mask certain aspects of themselves for many purposes; the pursuit of love is a powerful reason to do so.
  • All works of media are constructions, and it is up to the individual to learn how to read that construction properly.

These points attempted to address both the play specifically and the larger genre we were going to be messing around with. Those questions could easily be changed if adapting this plan to another traditional text about romance.

Looking at it now, one of the glaring absences is that none of this takes on the “comedy” part of the romantic comedy. It’s an important issue, but one that I didn’t have enough time or brain power for when I first created this unit.