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Becoming a Resource Creator

Written by Christina Cantrill
December 08, 2010

Once you have joined and become familiar with the content and discussions within the site, you may request to be a Resource Creator. This role will allow you to draft and post new resources in Digital Is. It will also give you the ability to ask for and provide feedback on draft resources within the community of Resources Creators.

Before requesting to be a Resource Creator, please read the Guidelines for Resource Creation as well as review the Terms of Use for this website. Once you have reviewed these guidelines and terms, send us a request. Within your request, please include a little description of your interest in digital literacy, teaching and learning along with any ideas you have about the resource you would like to create and contribute to Digital Is.

Guidelines for Resource Creators

The NWP Digital Is website provides a collection of teaching-focused resources that explore what we as educators are learning about writing and the teaching of writing in the digital age. Resources may address elements of the art and craft of writing in digital environments or may explore new issues in the teaching and learning of writing. Resources may also raise provocative questions and name issues we ought to be wrestling with as educators. All Digital Is resources aim to contribute to a growing knowledge-base about digital writing, teaching, and learning.

Toward the development of this knowledge-base, we welcome resources that:

  • attend to our key areas of interest: the art and craft of digital writing and/or the teaching of writing
  • take an inquiry stance toward teaching, share the theory of action behind the work and invite reflection and response
  • include reflection on examples of student work as appropriate (with permissions and protection of privacy as outlined in the Terms of Use)
  • use the tools of digital writing as appropriate to the resource and as supported by the technical capacities of the Digital Is platform.

The audience for the NWP Digital Is website are educators, both in school and out, and those interested in digital writing, teaching, and learning. Public resources may be viewed by anyone; however, audience members are encouraged to join the site and become ‘authenticated users’— or members. Members of the Digital Is website are welcome to contribute ideas and content as participants in discussions on this site.