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Authentic Conversation with YouthVoices.Live

Written by Christopher Rogers
August 02, 2017 situates itself as an online community for students to teachers to engage in authentic networked conversation across classrooms and communities. Not shying away from thorny issues within the public sphere, Youth Voices creates space for young people to learn what it means to write and speak for real audiences, even responding to work with grace, clarity, and nuance. The best way to learn about their work is through visiting the site,, and please learn more about them in the Digital-Is resource they created: 

This is why we have Youth Voices, to have students create such voiced discussion posts that their peers have no choice but to talk back in passionate and thoughtful ways. And when voices from research are included as well, isn’t this what we mean by academic writing? On Youth Voices our students are writing for real audiences and they are speaking with engaged voices. They are doing scholarly work with peers and experts within a particular branch of knowledge, and their conversations are enriched by sourced, linked, quotations from ongoing research. That’s what we mean by “authentic conversation.” 

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