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Advocating what’s right for students

Written by Christina Cantrill
January 22, 2012

Lieberman and Friedrich write that “teacher leaders put forward a vision for education grounded in what is best for students” and that this vision “grows out of their day-to-day experiences … as well as their understanding of research and professional reading about excellent teaching practice” and that among teacher leaders, there is “a commitment to high quality teaching and learning.”

In this study, my colleagues were clearly committed advocates for high quality teaching and learning. Bud Hunt, reflecting on teacher leadership and the role of agency in leadership said,

I’m invested in the idea, in the writing project idea, that teacher
as leader is the job of teacher – to advocate for students, to advocate
for thoughtful curricula, to advocate for thoughtful management
decisions, to advocate for the cultures and spaces and opportunities
that we want our classrooms to be.

I also noticed a strong sense of advocacy for learners in general. Lacy Manship, when asked about teacher leadership, said that, to her, “teacher leadership means advocacy and activism” and then described what she hopes her leadership will contribute to:

I hope that the work I’m doing is … making space for other kinds of representations of teachers … [and] that there can be changes to material situations for teachers and their students.

Even just paying attention to just what was shared via Twitter, I could see my colleagues publicly supporting each other’s work and ways of working, advocating for important ideas and questions in relation to teaching and learning, sharing commentary, reading and resources, highlighting student work, advocating for those same students, and commenting on both youth and adult learning (including their own).

Really enjoyed @lukeneff’s visit to our #p2puedwriting session this evening. Looking forward to learning more from him.
@budtheteacher posted about a colleagues’ participation in a course Bud is facilitating.

@CBethM reminds us that reading and writing belong together. Chocolate and peanut butter.…
@budtheteacher posted about a contribution another colleague made in this same course.

@now_awake‘s twitter avatar highlights student work and early literacy practice.

RT @techsavvyed: Teacher don’t need more “tech tips”, tricks, and
gimmicks, they need time to explore, create, and develop competencies
@now_awake reposted a comment made by a colleague.

RT @steve8071: Checking out @smccabe29 s session on Storify and storytelling through social media at #NCETA11 too cool! #unccwp
@now_awake reposted a comment by a colleague and shares with her UNCCWP community specifically.

Love working with colleagues who freely share ideas/lesson plans, push your thinking and make you want to step up your game. #blessed
@mrami2 commented on what is important to her about working with colleagues.

4th grade teacher – @utalaniz has an excellent blog, check it out! #engchat #ntchat
@mrami2 recommended a colleagues’ blog for others, particularly in the English Chat and New Teacher Chat communities she is part of.

welcome to tonight’s #engchat with @angelamaiers – we’re discussing passion driven learning for students and teachers. Pls join us!
@mrami2 welcomed teachers to the weekly “engchat” twitter chat on Monday night.

if you’re new to #engchat community, check out our site for archives etc:…
@mrami2 is mindful that some people will be new to this community at any given moment and often sends out posts such as this.

“[a teacher] can focus…on building a classroom environment in which his/her voice is not necessary” by @stevemiranda
@chadsansing sent out an idea and a blog post of a colleague.

“We learn together or test alone” on re: ESEA/NCLB waivers & responsibility in the clssrm
@chadsansingsent out a blog post he wrote in response to the issue of ESEA/NCLB waivers at the time that they were announced.

i write to hold myself accountable for the changes i want to make in teaching & learning #whyiwrite #nwp
@chadsansing shared a response to the prompt #whyiwrite and sharing that with the writing project community.

Blocks. A moment of Quinn.

Just built towers with a 19 month old. Mostly, she did the
building. I just watched. Magical. Whatever you’ve got world, I’m ready.
sharing a moment with his daughter Quinn

Lots of ways to look at the world. This was Teagan’s today.

sharing something his daughter Teagan created.

An exciting cast of innovators will be joining us on this week’s Teachers Teaching Teachers. Come keep it real b…
@paulallison invited others to join this week’s TTT webcast.

New post on #engchat: “National Safe Schools Day is October 5th”
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Hey. Inputs. Not outputs. I think I’ve said that before.
@budtheteacher responded to an article about incentives.

In a middle school teacher’s classroom. 2x in the five minutes I’ve been here, he’s referenced learning from previous years. Looping rocks.
@budtheteacher shared thoughts and celebrating his colleagues work.

A teacher nearby has me attached to her student writing Google Doc Collection. 1st graders. Watching them write is a treat. #whyiwrite
@budtheteacher responded to the #whyiwrite prompt and celebrating the work of a colleague and her students.

I’ve been working on a curriculum guide for involving my students in the real-life lessons Occupy Wall Street pr…
@paulallison shared a link to a resource he has been creating. 

I’d love for Krystal to get responses to this piece. Where might she go next in this inquiry?
@paulallison posted a link to a student named Krystal’s work posted in Youth Voices.

I invite you to share a comment with Elizabeth, a high school
student from Salt Lake City who writes: But now the…
did the same with another student named Elizabeth.

Please give these 3rd-grade VoiceThreaders a boost with a comment on Youth Voices. Thanks!
encouraged feedback and participation in this 3rd grade project. 

Go ahead @youthcouncil_LA!! RT @youthcouncil_LA: We are at Arne Duncan’s townhall in Pico Rivera read to speak our minds.
@now_awake encouraged a group of youth leaders while also highlighting their work for others.

in solidarity w/ #occupywallstreet & all its sisters, “#occupyedu: challenge schools to change”
@chadsansing expressed solidarity with Occupy Wall Street while also announcing the #occupyedu campaign.