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About the Writing for Change Academy

Written by Writing for Change
March 09, 2011

The students had an opportunity to talk about what they enjoy about Writing For Change. We took video over a few days during the program to try to get feedback from a variety of kids.

Components of the Academy

Daily Schedule: 9-12noon

Quick Writes: Every day, students began and ended the academy with reflective writing. The opening writing was always student generated. At the end of the day, students were offered prompts to spark ideas for reflection.

Mini-lessons: There were mini-lessons both in writing and technology every day. For example, the writing lesson based on the “Raised By Poem” lent itself to a mini-lesson on image selection as part of iMovie.

Writing Response Groups: Students were broken into 6 groups (4 per teacher) to share their writing process and get feedback from their peers as they developed their project.

Project Collaboration: Although students each completed a project independently, there was constant collaboration among students and staff. Students worked to support each other in learning iMovie, downloading images, the writing, and just about everything.

Publishing: Students published a W4C DVD, and the work was stored on the Writing For Change website. On the last day of the academy, we hosted a Digital Authors’ Share, where parents, community members and district leaders were invited to view student work.

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