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A Day in the Life

Written by Jonathan Bartels
June 07, 2010

Nearly every day in our Mass Media class was the same.

As soon as the students arrived, they went straight to work. One student would collect the new announcements submitted by teachers that day and begin typing the hard copy of the next day’s announcements that would be distributed to teachers and posted in the main office.

Another student would take charge of the set. This included moving the existing desks in my classroom and getting the lighting rig, background, and computer set up for recording. Once the announcements were printed off, they would be divided among the students present while a copy was sent to the office for copies to be run and distributed.

The Mass Media students would then shoot the announcements using the iSight camera embedded in the Mac or the handheld camera if they needed to be at a certain location in the school outside of our classroom/studio. While one student would edit the day’s content, others would tear the set down and return my classroom to its normal state and work on stories for the next podcast.

By the end of the class period, the next day’s announcements would be finalized and ready for the next morning’s viewing. On a day with only a few new announcements, the students could be finished within an hour. On other days, they needed the entire ninety-minute class period.