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5. Get Busy

Written by Joe Dillon
May 03, 2015


Below is a list of the specific duties that come along with facilitating a make cycle. This should support you in dividing the work and knowing what to expect during your week.



  • Actively facilitate in the G+ Community 

  • Bookmark or otherwise curate posts that show inventive or inspiring approaches to the make cycle

  • Promote and host your  “Make With Me” hangout (here are some tips)

  • Promote and host your Twitter chat

  • Draft a second newsletter communication prompting reflection on the week in the MOOC (here’s a helpful guide to content and formatting). This will name strong or exciting work and will also prompt participants to reflect on CL principles.


  • Resume your normally scheduled MOOC participation

  • Watch for posts that address your make cycle even after your week is over. Respond if you like or leave it to the community.

  • Consider blogging your reflections.

Photo Credit: Getting Busy by Bruce Aldridge on Flickr

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