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3. Open up your idea

Written by Joe Dillon
May 03, 2015

You’re ready when your idea is broad enough that participants have both easy, quick ways to creatively interact, as well as deeper, in-depth opportunities to make and learn. If you begin with a specific idea, it might be helpful to think about a more thematic make.

For example, one make cycle team wanted to lead a make to spotlight the use of paper circuitry (as described here). In order to create a make cycle accessible to all participants, the team framed this more broadly as “Hack your writing.” They presented a range of ways folks could think and tinker through hacking their writing, the most supported and structured of which might be paper circuitry.

In another example, the “Make a map” make cycle in the first year of CLMOOC offered participants the options of mapping their neighborhood, mapping their learning, or even taking a learning walk with a camera in hand.

When you’ve got an idea that has entry points for a new arrival to the MOOC and for the most hard-core maker-learner, you will be ready to share your idea with a supportive coaching team.

Photo Credit: Open by YayAdrian on Flickr

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