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1. Assemble your team

Written by Joe Dillon
May 03, 2015


You will want a team of two or three people to lead a make cycle.


Before the week of your make cycle, a thinking partner or two will come in handy to support your planning. As you begin to prepare some of the communications you’ll send to participants, you will want an extra sets of eyes on them before you push “send.”


During your make cycle, your small team will divide up the facilitation tasks, share the work of responding to participants, and support each other during your synchronous “Make With Me” hangout, a webinar you’ll lead to model the type of making you hope to inspire. Also, you will curate participant contributions to highlight the range of creations participants share during your make cycle.  


After your make cycle is complete, participants will come to your topic late or simply opt to spend more time than just a week. Your team may choose to follow and respond to that traffic and content.


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