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Years in the Making with Connected Learning: Mentors

Years in the Making with Connected Learning: Mentors

Written by Christopher Rogers
August 02, 2017

“Brother Mike” Hawkins served as a beacon of light during his time with the Digital Youth Network and the YOUMEDIA space at the Harold Washington Library. In remembering his legacy, colleagues wrote: “Brother Mike brought joy, poetry, and reflection to the YOUmedia Learning Lab community, and pioneered a way of rethinking how libraries, museums, and community centers can be transformative, powerful places of learning not only for youth, but for a community of artists and for public institutions committed to social justice, learning and equity.” The power of mentors has been most frequently connected to the informal learning spaces across a community, yet in this resource, we seek to position mentorship in coordination with classroom educators as a powerful resource in cultivating critical connections and relationships beyond the bells and walls of the school day.

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