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Writing letters to the next president in STEM class

Writing letters to the next president in STEM class

Written by Christina Puntel
August 12, 2016

Looking for ways to dialogue about current issues in science, technology, engineering, and math? Want to know more about how your students think about issues in the news like elevated lead levels in drinking water, nuclear energy, mining, or severe flooding? Interested in creating spaces for civic discourse and action during this election season? This collection of resources from Letters to the Next President 2.0 encourages learners to think about where they stand on a range of STEM issues in order to research and write a letter to the next President of the United States. Beyond the election, these resources serve to further teacher planning for classrooms that center around, as Paulo Freire called it, “problem-posing education.” We hope this collection of resources for STEM teachers (and STEM friendly classrooms!) elevates student voices as makers and problem solvers.

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