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Writing as Making/ Making as Writing

Writing as Making/ Making as Writing

Written by Stephanie West-Puckett
November 21, 2013

When we think of the current Maker Movement, we often picture robotics, crafts, or digital fabrication. What happens when we push ourselves to think about writing, media-making, and the arts too? Join us to explore this question through looking at work and drawing from our own experiences as writers and makers.

This Mozilla Thimble text documents some of the making– physical, digital, and conceptual– that happened in the room as we explored this topic at the NWP 2013 Annual Meeting in Boston on November 21, 2013.   We invite you to take a look and jump in by making, thinking, remixing, connecting, and reflecting around these texts and ideas.  We’d love to hear how you think these ideas, practices, and tools might get be remixed in your own context.

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