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Writers at Work: Making and Connected Learning

Writers at Work: Making and Connected Learning

Written by The Current
July 10, 2013

In July 2013, the National Writing Project hosted a series of webinars and twitter chats at Connected Learning TV called Writers at Work.

In that series, we tapped into a variety of ways that Connected Learning principles provide a powerful framework for innovating practice in and across a range of learning environments and are being explored and embodied in schools, after-school programs, and informal learning situations.

Writing as Making/Making as Writing When we think of the current Maker Movement, we often picture robotics, crafts, or digital fabrication. What happens when we push ourselves to think about writing, media-making, and the arts too?

What Does “Interest-Driven” Look Like? How can educators—in school and out—support youth to pursue and document the ideas that matter to them, while simultaneously helping them to use a critical lens?

Learning Pathways What do learning pathways look like as young people move across learning contexts in pursuit of their interests in school, at home, in libraries, community centers and online?

From Expression to Impact: Youth Civic Engagement Enacted How are educators fostering civic engagement in Connected Learning environments? How are principles of youth organizing adapting to the new literacies of connected learning?

We invite you to continue to participate in these conversations and have uploaded the webinar archives to a “video dialogue” tool called Vialogues to support you in doing so. 

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