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Will Richardson's "Connective Writing" Wiki

Will Richardson's "Connective Writing" Wiki

Written by Bud Hunt
October 29, 2010

In this wiki, a resource used to support a presentation, Will Richardson, an educator, author and consultant attempts to sketch out his notions of “connective writing.”

Wiki screen shot

He defines the term thusly:

Connective writing is the ability to publish in a variety of media with the intention of connecting and sharing it with others who have an interest (or passion) in the topic.

He further expands on the definition in this numbered list:

Connective writing is…

1. Writing that is inspired by reading and is therefore a response to an idea or a set of ideas or conversations.

2. Writing that synthesizes those ideas (either individually or collaboratively) and remixes them in some way to make them our own and is published to potentially wide audiences.

3. Writing that then becomes a part of a larger negotiation of truth or knowledge that is evolving in the larger network.

4. Writing that is written with the expectation that it too will be taken and remixed by others into their own truths by this continuous process of reading, thinking, writing (and linking), publishing and reading some more.

My question about connective writing remains a simple one: Is “connective writing” anything new? Is it digital? Must it be?

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