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Wikipedia... needs title

Written by Elyse Eidman-Aadahl
June 01, 2012

Alan Liu has published his a student manual regarding use of wikipedia in college essays that he has created for his student at UC Santa Barbara.

Jay Dolmage, writing at Bedford Bits about what he might invite his students to explore about wikipedia dscusses having his students review the student manual, and then thinks that secondly,

we can look more deeply into the scholarly work that goes into building Wikipedia.  John Broughton has written an entire manual for posting and editing on Wikipedia.  Nicholson Baker’s very entertaining review of this manual in the New York Review of Books would make for excellent class reading – it details the history of Wikipedia, and the ways that Baker himself has tried to make his mark on the site.

In Baker’s article, he references several studies of Wikipedia, including a University of Minnesota study that examines exactly where most of the knowledge on Wikipedia comes from. Another study by the same teamreveals gender biases. A Nature article also compares the reliability of Wikipedia alongside the Encyclopaedia Brittanica. This research can offer really illuminating new angles on the authority of Wikipedia.

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