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What is "digital writing" (anyway)?

Written by Troy Hicks
January 15, 2011

Reference WIDE Kairos, NLG,

Reference my experience with my blog

Definition of “digital writing” from BDWM

Social spaces — what is the digital ecology? Offering spaces for meaning making. Public nature of the work.

Describe five possible interpretations, talking places (not inclusive or static):

  • “traditional” writing in digital spaces such as on blogs or google docs (Webquests, use tech in your teaching type stuff)
  • hypertextual writing using tools like blogs or wikis (Richardson, Bud, Warlick — hypertext scholars)
  • “simple” multimedia composing using audio and video editors (Kress and VanLeeven, Street, DeVoss et al, Leander)
  • “complex” multimedia composing using transmedia or convergent media, mash ups, remix (Jenkins, Lessig, Hobbs)
  • gaming and immersive media, DIY (Knobel and Lankshear, Gee)

This is not a continuum, these are all skills that can be developed in different

For instance, uber-blogger and know nothing about gaming

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