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Using the Site

Written by Christina Cantrill
December 08, 2010

Welcome to the NWP Digital Is Using the Site Guide.

Navigation describes how the work of the website is organized and what you’ll find in each section of the site.

Guidelines for Participation describes the ways you may participate and provides general guidelines for the community.

Setting up My Profile describes how to manage your profile and account information.

How Discussions Work gives an overview of how to join or start a discussion of a resource or collection.

Becoming a Resource Creator gives you an overview of this role and guidelines for the types of resources we hope to collect within Digital Is.

Notification and Conversations provides an overview of how to keep track of information within the site.

Who Curates? describes how “curated” collections within this site are created.

We also encourage you to learn more about NWP and the Digital Is Website.

This guide was put together by the administrators of the site, including screencasts and photos by Bill Fitzgerald (aka James O’Patton) of site developer Funny Monkey.

Guidelines for Discussions, Resource Creation and Feedback were derived from guidelines originally developed for the NWP E-Anthology and Youth Voices.

We encourage conversation about how to make this guide and related guidelines more useful and clear. Please contribute to the discussion if you have suggestions, comments or questions. Thank you!

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